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Trump, Driving, & HIV: How Science Affects our Society

This event takes places on the first floor and is accessible either via stairs or a lift. Accessible toilet available. Main bar open all day for pre-event food and drinks.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors open at 7pm
Event 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Leaf on Bold Street, 65–67 Bold Street,
Liverpool L1 4EZ
Sold Out!
What do these very different topics have in common? Come along to learn how the DVLA decides who is allowed out on our roads, how HIV activists shaped patient policy, and you’ll be surprised to hear about the use of science in Trump’s campaign! See how science works in our society in ways you’d never expect, and how you can influence policy! You can also try out some hands-on science and be in with the chance of winning some Pint of Science goodies!

Driving is a Risky Business

Laura Bonnett (Medical Statistician )
The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency (DVLA) make decisions every day about who can get a driving licence, either as a new driver, or after a debilitating medical event such as an epileptic fit. Take part in this interactive talk to play the role of the DVLA, deciding what we consider to be the acceptable level of risk of an accident as a new driver, and think about whether this level of risk should also apply to people with medical conditions, such as epilepsy. We’ll finish by talking about the implications of our decisions not only for new drivers, but for the whole of the population.

Trumpisms and Beyond: The New Language of Politics

Karl Simms (Reader in Hermeneutics)
Trump is one of the most controversial Presidents of recent times, but the science of linguistics can help shed some light on why his language appeals to his supporters and appals his detractors! In a world where people are increasingly wise to the tricks of public speaking, politicians are looking for ways to overcome the idea that, on the one hand what they say must be persuasive, while on the other hand an over-reliance on established techniques makes them sound insincere. We’ll explore this by examining the language of Trump and comparing it to that of other popular politicians like Corbyn

‘Ten Years, One Billion Dollars, One Drug, Big Deal’ - How HIV Activists shaped Health Research

Lucy Brading (PhD Student)
HIV activists spurred radical change to the way drugs were developed and tested that has transcended the epidemic. Radical techniques including rush hour blockades on the Golden Gate Bridge, underground ‘drugstores’, uneasy alliances with drug companies, and refusing to participate in drug trials unless given a voice on trial design would forever change the relationship between patients and health researchers. HIV activists were born out of necessity, with the lack of leadership from politicians and biomedical establishments. Their actions paved the way for a new era of health activism.
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