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Tumours, genes and blood: how to combat cancer

Mon & Wed: takes place on the ground floor with step-free access and accessible facilities. Tue: on the first floor and the lift is out of order so this event is not accessible
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill,
London SW12 9HD
We will be discovering tonight how scientists are combating cancer by creating more targeted therapeutics to tackle tumours, which include repairing our blood vessels and utilising engineered T cells.

Genetically engineered immune cells to treat cancer

Dr Paul Maciocia (CRUK Clinician Scientist and Consultant in Cellular Immunotherapy)
Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells are a new and revolutionary type of personalised anti-cancer treatment. Made by genetically engineering of immune cells to redirect them to fight cancer, they are a ‘living drug’ and have shown dramatic results in patients with advanced blood cancers. This talk will explain the biology and clinical results of CAR-T to date, and explore how the power of these therapies may be extended to many more patients with cancer in the future.

Repairing blood vessels in tumours can help treat cancer

Professor John Greenwood (Hugh Davson Professor of Biomedical Research)
For solid tumours to grow, they need a blood supply. Cancer treatments have therefore been designed which can stop blood vessels from growing in tumours. Makes sense, right? Except this approach has given disappointing results so far. Instead, a new counterintuitive approach has been proposed – fixing the abnormal blood vessels in tumours. Prof John Greenwood will explain why blood vessels are important in cancer, and then go on to tell us about his research focusing on repairing these tumour blood vessels to treat cancer and why this works.

About Dr. Nathalie Schmidt (Host)

Dr. Nathalie Schmidt (Clinical Research Associate and PhD student at the Division of Infection&Immunity)
Nathalie is one of our UCL Pint of Science coordinators and is excited about harnessing our body’s own defence system – the immune system – to fight tumours and viruses. When she isn’t busy in the lab encouraging immune cells to be more efficient, you can find her baking sourdough bread, volunteering at ZSL London Zoo or having heated discussions with her book club!
Nat can’t wait to join Paul, John and YOU to share a pint and discuss science!


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