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Two secrets to a healthy lifestyle

Past event - 2017
17 May doors open 7pm
starts 7:30pm
end 9:30pm
The Eldon House 6 Lower Clifton Hill,
Bristol BS8 1BT
Sold Out!
Step 1: Eat more Mediterranean food!Step 2: Keep on walking!Are those the two secrets to have healthy lifestyle? So often we're told what we shouldn't be doing if we want to live longer and stay healthy, instead of what we can do. Our speakers this evening will be telling you just that! Please note that this event has limited access for people with restricted mobility; contact [email protected] for more information.

Eat more Mediterranean food!

It can often feel like if we want to eat healthy food, we can’t eat tasty food. Perhaps this could be all about to change. Angeliki specializes in promoting healthy diets, in particular, how we can eat more Mediterranean food to reduce our risk of disease. Angeliki has expertise in encouraging the uptake of the Mediterranean diet to non-Mediterranean populations; perfect for speaking to us Bristolians for the evening. Order a glass of wine and a bowl of olives and hear all about it.

Keep on walking!

Healthy ageing isn’t all about the absence of disease. Healthy relationships, and social activity are key factors contributing to the healthy ageing process. Simple physical activity, like daily walking, can be beneficial both physically and mentally, promoting healthy ageing. Gemma has worked on creating physical activity interventions to reduce disability in older persons. Find out what it takes to carry out randomized controlled trials in these populations, and how the results can boost your healthy ageing.