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Understanding Change in Societies Past and Present

Past event - 2016
25 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm-10pm
The Eagle and Child 9 High Petergate,
York YO1 7EN
Sold Out!

Does behaviour stick to a person or a place?

Annemarieke de Bruin (Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York)
We will explore 'pro-environmental behaviour' messages and the things that enable us or make it difficult at home and at work to cycle, recycle, and save energy. Using some hands-on exercises we'll reflect individually whether our behaviour is place-related or whether we do things irrelevant of where we are, leading to some insights on how to improve behaviour change campaigns.

A Blow to an Industry: Roman Origins of Glassblowing

Dr Jonathan Prior (Department of Archaeology, University of Durham)
Glass is a staple material of the modern world. We use it every day and take it for granted. People might be surprised, however, to know that the technological development that enabled fast, large-scale, and varied object production dates to the time of Julius Caesar. Even so, this development has been known for less than half the history of glass production. This talk will use props and illustrations to explore the rising popularity of glass in the Early Roman Empire and the impact of glassblowing on the development of the glass industry.

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9 High Petergate, York , YO1 7EN 9 High Petergate, York , YO1 7EN