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Unfun Games

Step free access available
Past event - 2016
25 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm-10pm
The Winning Post, 127-129 Bishopthorpe Road,
York YO23 1NZ
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Unfun Games: How to take the joy out of games and make them really uncomfortable. Most people would think that playing games is "fun". In this set of talks we will find out that this isn't always the case; games can be infuriating, embarrassing, and designed to take you out of your comfort zone. This evening of talks is provided by members of the Digital Creativity Labs (http://www.digitalcreativity.ac.uk/) who are looking into the huge potential of games and interactive media for economic, social, and cultural impact.

The Games AI play

In 2014, Google brought a UK start-up for a reported $500million. Roughly two years later, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Google Deepmind defeated a world champion Go player. This is only the latest result in the history of AI and games, where both academic and industry researchers have sunk large amounts of time, effort and money into making computers win games against humans. In this talk, we will discuss why we pursue such goals and how this could significantly change the world in the near future.

Uncomfortable Games

Why do games always have to make you smile? In this talk, we'll explore the weird and unsettling world of games purposefully designed to be uncomfortable and awkward experiences. From games that are played wearing gas masks or while trapped in a coffin, through to the most embarrassing game ever made, the name of which is simply too rude to print.

Hacking Shyness

When we’re kids, we’re shameless (well, sort of): self-conscious emotions like shame and embarrassment are something we learn. Now becoming a proper member of society is important, of course, but we tend to overdo it: as we learn how to behave, we internalise external judgement so strongly that it prevents us from doing stuff we'd actually, you know, quite enjoy doing, like playing a silly game. This talk brings design to the rescue.