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Vision: From insects to robots

No step-free access to the venue and the function room. There is a mobile ramp for accessibility.
Over 18s only.
Past event - 2018
15 May 19:00-22:00 (Doors open 18:30)
The Town Wall, Pink Lane,
Newcastle NE1 5HX
Sold Out!
Ever wondered what insects see? What about how your computer sees you? Come and explore the world of vision, from seeing like a praying mantis to programming computers to see. This evening will open your eyes (Pun intended) to the science behind seeing! 

The Praying Mantis - Secrets and Eyes

Dr Vivek Nityananda (Research Associate, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University)
Praying mantises are fascinating visual predators. How do they spot and catch their prey despite having brains thousands of times smaller than ours? In my talk, I'll pull the lid off their bag of tricks and reveal the secrets of mantis vision. Come, put on 3D glasses and enter the world of insect cinemas where mantises can outdo humans with their 3D vision.

Locust Collisions to Robot Vision

Erin Cocks (PhD student, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University)
Locusts fly in swarms of 40-80 million individuals. How do they avoid bumping into each other? Scientists now know their vision system has a simple ‘collision detecting circuit’.
After a decade of research and technological advances we now understand how it works. The next step is to use it to build better robots. Join us on a journey from insects to driverless cars.

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