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People, homes, and drones

Accessible facilities.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9:30pm
Harbour Lights Cinema, Maritime Walk,
Southampton SO14 3TL
We can use technology to create connections between seemingly disparate parts, leading to a greater whole. Join us this evening to hear about how recognising the way people walk can make society safer; how drones can work together to solve societal problems; and how homes can be connected to reduce our carbon footprint.

Gait Biometrics: from student project to international research

Professor Mark Nixon (Professor in Computer Vision at the School of Electronics and Computer Science. )
You never know how far one small idea can go. Gait has advantages as a biometric in that the gait can be perceived at low resolution of when other biometrics are concealed or are not available. Recognising the way people walk has uses in medical image analysis to surveillance and solving murder cases!

Would you give-up control of your home heating?

Dr Stephanie Gauthier (Stephanie is an Associate Professor in Energy and Buildings at the University of Southampton and co-director of the Low Carbon Comfort Centre.)
To meet our climate change targets, we must decarbonise our homes' space heating, cooking, and hot water, but, in combination with electric vehicles, this could lead to a 200-300% increase in the UK's annual electricity demand. The UK’s low voltage electricity network will not be able to operate with this large unconstrained electrical load. Our research, the LATENT project, explores the potential for homes electric heating to operate as a deferrable load, using your house as a ‘heat store’ controlled by 3rd party.

What is the point of drones?

Professor András Sóbester (Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the School of Engineering, University of Southampton)
Civilian drones (remotely piloted/autonomous aircraft) have been the ‘next big thing’ for many years, but most of us only experience real benefits from their development through their use in film and media, as flying cameras. After some faltering starts in some directions (for example, ‘last mile’ delivery), the question arises: what industry might drones disrupt next? This talk will consider some promising candidates and some of the challenges – both technical and non-technical – that we need to overcome to convert drone technology progress into genuine, positive societal impact.

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