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Water: the way of life

Just one small step up into the room and an accessible bathroom on the same floor. This venue is 18+
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Crowd of Favours, 4-12 Harper St,
Leeds LS2 7EA
Sold Out!
We are going to uncover the secrets of deep-sea organisms thriving under the extreme pressure, hinting at life's possibilities on Mars during our first talk. We will then discuss how search for life in our solar system has become the search for water and how organisms have adapted to saline environment. Picture credit: Berend de Kort

Life Under Pressure: On Earth and Perhaps Further

Dr Harrison Laurent (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Leeds)
The ability of life to adapt has allowed it to conquer the most inhospitable environments imaginable. Here we will use neutron scattering as a powerful microscope to observe how organisms that live in the deep ocean, under pressures of up to 1000 atmospheres, can modulate the water within their cells to make it appear that they are under no pressure at all! We will then speculate at how such adaptations may not only work on Earth, but possibly in even more treacherous environments in our solar system, such as the recently discovered subsurface lakes on Mars.

Life's Liquid Thread: From Earth to the Depths of the Solar System

Mazin Nasralla (Postgraduate researcher, University of Leeds)
Life and liquid water are strongly associated. So strong is the link, that the search for life beyond Earth has become the search for liquid water. We shall discuss the distribution of water in the solar system, and other planetary systems, before returning to Planet Earth where we will zoom to the molecular level of marine life. How has life adapted to the saline environment and what implications this might have for the pre-biological molecules on Titan, a moon of Saturn rich in carbon and liquid water?
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