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Water: vital and vicious - cancelled!

Ground floor venue (with steps to door). Ramp available on request to the side entrance and there are 3 steps down inside the venue to get to the accessible toilets level
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors: 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
The Boat Club, Elvet Riverside,
Durham DH1 3AF
Two talks about rivers and forests; how they are great for some things, and how they can cause chaos for others...


This event has sadly been cancelled (5/5/22). All ticketholders should have received an email - please contact us via email if you have not received it!

The rock-hard truth about flooding 

Dr. Lizzie Dingle (Lecturer in Physical Geography)
When's a pint not a pint? When the pint glass has a bunch of other stuff at the bottom of it.
In many places, river channels are like clogged up pint glasses. They're nature’s guttering system, but don’t just convey water. They also move vast quantities of sediment around. Downstream of big mountain ranges, such as the Himalaya, rivers deposit large amounts of sediment which can choke river channels, affecting flood risk and nearby communities. We'll look how different parts of the landscape further upstream contribute to this, and the development of these ‘risky’ rivers and floodplains.

How forests influence climate, and what that means for us

Dr. Isabella Bovolo (Assistant Professor (Geography))
It is well known that forests store carbon dioxide, helping to regulate levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, they also have other impacts on the climate through other processes, such as their interactions with sunlight and water. For example, medium scale deforestation within the Guiana Shield to the north of Amazonia in South America may impact rainfall patterns 4000km away, through vegetation-land-atmosphere interactions, that disrupt a major atmospheric river (a filament of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere), potentially threatening food production.