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Wearable Tech: From Sportswear to Healthcare

This event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors Open 7PM
Event Runs 7:30PM to 9PM
Yates Reading, The Former Post Office, Friar St,
Reading RG1 1DB
Forget needle and thread - we will show you how clothes can be designed drawing inspiration from scientific discoveries. From sportswear to health monitoring, there's more than one way to get this nerdy look! Come join us as we delve into fashion at its most technological!

A Story of Infrared: Terrestrial to extra terrestrial applications

Mr Tim Brownstone (Founder and CEO of KYMIRA Sport)
This talk will discuss the biological effects of far infrared light and how it can be applied beyond imaging and communication techniques in sportswear to enhance athlete performance and recovery.

What our clothes could tell us about what we do?

Professor Anthony Head (Professor of Digital Media Art and Design at Bath Spa University)
Professor William Harwin (Professor of Interactive & Human Systems)
Wearable technologies are available for many applications including healthcare monitoring. Often solutions require the person to wear bespoke sensors but what if the sensors could be embedded invisibly into our clothes? As part of the Sphere project (www.irc-sphere.ac.uk), we have been exploring wearable sensing for healthcare. This has raised both technical and social questions such as what could we measure, and what information would be useful to the individual, the clinicians and the statisticians. There are also ethical questions - each individual should control their own data, but how?