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What the text?! Mapping the world in literature.

Please note events take place on the ground floor on 13 May and basement 14-15 May. There is no step-free access for events. Food and drinks can be ordered.
Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7.00pm to 9pm
Loading Bar Stoke Newington, 129 Stoke Newington High St,
London N16 0PH
Always in search of more food for thought? Spice up your life with a page-turning, head-spinning, tofu-eating wokerati melting pot of Asian identity, pagan myths, and crime fiction which promises to satisfy your appetite for all things literary. Now you can have your book and eat it too!  

From Page-Turners to Agenda-Setters: How Literary Magazines Shaped Indian Identity Post-1947

Sangeeta Bhagawati (PhD student, Comparative Literature)
Before the politicisation of social media, there were literary magazines! In post-1947 India, they were literally shaping ideas on citizenship and defining who should belong to the newly created nation. Drawing from my research in India’s Northeastern region, I’ll be showing how literary magazines became political staging grounds for their readers and enabled them to restrict participation in a new Indian literary and national culture to particular ethnic and linguistic groups.

Living Myths in Mundane Modernity

Dr. Justine McConnell (Reader in Comparative Literature and Classical Reception)
How do the stories we tell help to shape our society? And why are we still fascinated by myth in an age where Science rules supreme? From re-imaginings of ancient myths to the creation of new narratives, mythmaking remains a crucial part of how we understand the world. We have only to turn to contemporary literature and poetry to discover that the gods are still in our midst.

Customs and Duties: Importing the Detective

Oliver Eccles (PhD student, Comparative Literature)
Crime fiction is now the world’s most popular genre of literature and detectives, its most famous protagonists. But did you know that detectives were already blazing trails across the globe in the 19th century, way before Scandi noir or even Agatha Christie? In my talk, I’ll be exploring how these harbingers of modernity reshaped the faces of publishing, policing and policy with radical new notions of crime and justice.
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