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What's in a name? How language shapes society

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Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Cafe Artum, Hockley Social Club, 60 Hampton Street,
Birmingham B19 3LU
Sold Out!
Join us tonight for a litany of linguistic learnings! Tonight's speakers will explore the ways in which language both informs and is informed by society, and what language choices and norms can tell us about our past and futures.

The science of swearing

Dr Robbie Love (Lecturer in English Language at Aston University)
Swearing is a common part of day-to-day conversation for many people. But why do we swear and how have our favourite swear words changed over time? Join Robbie Love from Aston University to discover the science of swearing, from what happens in the brain when we swear to tracking how often we swear with the help of corpus linguistics.

Language maketh man? Exploring positive masculinity in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Dr Robert Lawson (Associate Professor in Sociolinguistics at Birmingham City University)
Television plays a key role in setting out cultural scripts of masculinity, but it can also act as a destabilising force, opening up spaces for alternative expressions of masculinity. In this talk, Robert Lawson discusses how masculinities are presented in the comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, examining how male characters use language to connect with others, build relationships, and demonstrate affiliation. The talk suggests that while the show advocates for a more ‘positive’ masculinity, much of the comedy relies on a tension between progressive and traditional masculinity.

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