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Work Smart Not Hard!

Please note the event is located downstairs in the cellar bar, and there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors: 6:30PM
Event: 7:00PM-9:30PM
The City Gate, Iron Bridge, Lower North Street,
Exeter EX4 3RB
Algorithms are everywhere and they make our lives easier in all sorts of ways! Find out how we leverage tech to make better timetables, and about a connection between maths and linguistics in the talks on this night.  Also on Wednesday, rounding off the TechMeOut theme we will have a quiz!

An introduction to hop-timisation!

James Sakal (Postgraduate Research Student, Computer Science)
James works in the field of optimisation – which, broadly speaking, is the quest to find the best solutions to life’s messy problems. In this presentation, he will introduce optimisation and a few of its branches, applications and challenges. This being Pint of Science though, the examples and illustrations all come with a beer-related twist – making tonight an excursion into the world of 'hop-timisation'. By the end, you will have a new appreciation for the field!

Work Smart Not Hard Quiz!

Join us for a quiz to test your knowledge on the topics raised in the talks this evening. We will be using a fancy question generator and you have the chance to win some funky Pint of Science merch, including our famous pint glasses!

Can math help us navigate philosophy?

Duncan McDougall (Postdoctoral Research Student)
Vector spaces, esoteric linear algebra? I hope to show that they are actually a useful tool, not only in mathematics and statistics, but also for understanding ideas and for communicating well. Moreover, the idea of vector spaces can become a tool for creative ways of finding new and interesting thoughts. In this brief talk I hope to equip you a bit more to navigate the realm of ideas and so enable your curiosity and exploration.

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