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Episode 12 - Colin Furze

In a very special episode, Pint of Science was invited to do something rather different: spend an afternoon with YouTuber and inventor/engineer Colin Furze. With nearly nine million subscribers, Colin is known worldwide for his incredible (and often a little dangerous) way of turning extreme dreams into real machines. Previous inventions include a real Star Wars AT and land speeder, a jet powered bicycle, and a guitar with a flamethrower on it.

Now, working with BBC Earth and YouTube, he's been tasked with a challenge unlike anything he's done before - levitate science presenter and quite large person Rick Edwards. And we mean levitate him - not just make him fly. Cue an adventure in everything from ultra-sonic suspension to liquid nitrogen-fuelled hoverboards!

You can watch the full episode of "The Edge Of Science: How To Levitate" here or below



Levitation Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay