Alba Vega Alonso Tetilla


I'm Alba and I am studying active galactic nucleis with semi-analytic models as part of my PhD. I have worked with the Pint of Science group in 2018 in Spain and now I am really happy to be working with the Pint again in Southampton!

Johanna Haszczyn


Hi! I'm a third year PhD student in Southampton studying nerve agent poisoning. I have been helping with Pint of Science for two years now, and it certainly won't be my last! Outside of the lab, I like being outdoors with my dog or curled up reading a good book.

Lucy Scullard

Lucy Scullard


Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm a second year PhD student carrying out research in the area of protein regulation in neurodegeneration and have a back ground in chemistry and biochemistry.

Evangelos Moutoulas

Team Member - Beautiful Mind

Final year PhD student in Electrical Engineering. Developing Surface Acoustic Wave sensors for corrosion monitoring.

Emma Garland

Team member- Beautiful Mind

Final year PhD student in Clinical neurosciences, examining inflammation in Alzheimer's disease. Looking forward to working on the Beautiful mids PoS event!

Evangelina Founta

Team member - Atoms to Galaxies

Final year PhD in Electrochemistry, investigating greener and more sustainable batteries based on nature-inspired materials. Very excited to be part of the Pint of Science team and be able to contribute to the communication of science and current research.

Evie McShane

Team Member - Atoms to Galaxies

Final year PhD student in Chemistry studying materials chemistry and catalysis for the creation of sustainable fuel sources.

Jacob Kleboe

Team member-Atom to Galaxies

First year PhD student developing label free imaging techniques for the detection of microplastics and the charecterisation of Coral

Rebecca Bridge

Team Member - Planet Earth

First year PhD student in Marine Biology studying the impact of ocean acidifcation on the reproduction and early life stages of commercially important fish. Love all things ocean and looking forward to presenting the Planet Earth theme!

Amy Lovegrove

Amy Lovegrove

Team Member - Planet Earth

Hey! I'm a third year Ph.D. student at Southampton, where I research sustainable treatments of oyster diseases at the Oceanography Centre. This is my first foray into Pint of Science and I'm so excited to get stuck in! My favourite things to do when I'm not in the lab are bother my two cats, sing in…

Beatriz Valdez-Moreno

Beatriz Valdez-Moreno

Team Member- Our Body

Hello! I am a third year PhD student in Southampton studying triple negative a subtype of breast cancer. This is my first time trying to help with Pint of Science. Outside of the lab, I like stargazing.