Creative Reactions LogoCreative Reactions is a collaboration between artists and Pint of Science scientists to produce artworks related to the science presented during Pint of Science. It was started in Cambridge during Pint of Science 2015 and proved a major success.

Click here to download Creative Reactions 2019 Cambridge booklet

Cambridge Creative Reactions 2019 Video by Oscar Peake @oscarpeakevideo


Creative Reactions has spread to a number of cities. Each event has a different format - some following a traditional Pint of Science evening and others full art exhibitions with the artwork for sale. See below for links.


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Creative Reactions Events

55 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW, United Kingdom 55 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW, United Kingdom
23 May
Sold Out!

The Art of Science

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