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Sine Language

Venue accessible via stairs, room is in the basement of the building.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Admiral, 72a Waterloo St,
Glasgow G27DA
Join us on this Pint of Science exclusive that covers a range of math-related topics, including the types of curves that don't get nearly enough attention!

When Black Holes Collide

Dr. John Veitch (Senior Lecturer)
The new science of Gravitational Wave Astronomy is shedding light on those darkest of objects - black holes! In this talk, Dr. John Veitch who led the team of researchers studying the first detection of colliding black holes, will explore how we are now able to listen to the collisions of black holes using Advanced LIGO, and what it can tell us about black holes: What are they? Where do they come from? And what are the implications for astronomy and cosmology?

Making Waves

Ross Johnston (PhD Student)
Gravitational waves are a pretty hot topic in the field of astronomy and physics. Join Ross as his talk details the fascinating work his group is doing in the field of gravitational-wave research.

Waiter! There is a Fly in My Phone!

When it comes to creative and efficient problem-solving, nature has a thing or two to teach us. Think about hearing; from flies to whales, animals present engineers with all sorts of examples to overcome difficulties. Engineers nowadays are particularly interested in sound sensors that work on a micro-scale, and that is where insects come in. With their small body sizes and an immense diversity of "ears", insects are the perfect subjects to inspire the development of novel tiny microphones, the sort of microphones that may be closer than you think.

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