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A breath of fresh air!

Fully accessible
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-9.30pm
The Common Room, 127-129 Devonshire Street,
Sheffield S3 7SB
Sold Out!
Air pollution is on the increase across our planet and has serious health implications for us all. So how big a problem is it? What can we do to stop it? And how can we protect ourselves from its harmful effects? Find the answers to these questions and get hands-on with science in a 'fresh' citizen-science project on air quality. Attendees will get to build and take home their own Raspberry-Pi powered air quality monitors, and be part of a pioneering research project. 

Pollution and our planet

Professor Tony Ryan (Professor of Physical Chemistry)
Professor Tony Ryan OBE will open the event with a look at our planet, the effects of pollution, and how we can all do our part for the environment. Tony is Director of the Grantham Centre at the University of Sheffield and leads the institution's programme in sustainability research, working with colleagues to tackle the global water-energy-food nexus challenge.

Killing the invisible killer

Graham Turnbull (Clean air for Sheffield)
Rohit Chakraborty (Civil and Structural Engineering)
In Sheffield, 500 people die prematurely from air pollution annually, and yet we simply take the air around us for granted. Sources such as idling cars, wood-burning and industrial emissions have a severe impact on our health. How can we fight back against the crisis we built? Join Rohit and Graham for a hands-on workshop building your own Raspberry-Pi powered environmental monitors.

The BREATHE project: cleaning the air with plant power

María del Carmen Redondo Bermúdez (Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures)
Many plants in the UK have the characteristics to mitigate contaminants in the atmosphere and can be incorporated into the urban landscape to help us breathe clean air. Join us to learn about the power that plants have in air pollution reduction, how to identify these special plants and how the BREATHE Project is putting this knowledge in action!