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A Picture of Health

Please note: Events will be held on the ground floor and are 18years+. Step free access is also available - please ask a steward for assistance.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors: 6:30PM
Event: 7:00PM-9:30PM
The Barley Mow, 39 Castle Road,
Portsmouth PO5 3DE
We will learn about how the smallest organisms are changing the way we tackle the biggest problems. Join us and be amazed by how research at the University of Portsmouth is changing the way we look and think about the world.

Antioxidant nanoparticles: new weapons for an old war?

Dr Alessandro Siani (Associate Head (Students), Biological Science)
Nanotechnology, defined as the design, production and use of materials at the atomic and molecular scale, is an exciting and expanding field in science and technology. Nanoparticles many times smaller than a grain of salt have been developed for engineering, electronics, cosmetics, and medicine. This talk will provide a fascinating insight into how nanoparticles could be used for the prevention and treatment of fibrosis and scarring.

Under the Microscope: Victorian Health and Medicine

Dr Sarah Stark (Human Skeletal Biologist, Historic England)
The rise of industrialisation lead to poor health conditions for the everyday Victorian which ranged from disease to accidental injuries. By turning to historical literature and the study of human bones (bioarchaeology), we can learn how people lived in the past during a time of rapid growth and innovation. This session will explore Victorian health and disease through archaeological examples and take a tour through Victorian hospitals and how germ theory shaped the way hospitals are run today.

Taking medicine isn't fun: A fun and non-prescriptive Athletic Skills Model approach to movement

Dr Martina Navarro (Senior Lecturer, Sport, Health & Exercise Science)
Moving and taking part in any kind of physical activity should be fun, inclusive and engaging. During this talk, I will propose an innovative, fun and non-prescriptive approach to movement: The Athletic Skills Model (ASM). I will discuss how the ASM challenges current approaches to physical activity, by advocating a practical framework to encourage people to be more active and policymakers a guide when designing built environments for physical activity.

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