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A Virus at the Door

Please note venue is wheelchair accessible via a ramp using the rear entrance
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Record Factory, 17 Byres Rd,
Glasgow G11 5RD
Coronaviruses were all we heard about in the last two years and safe to say – we all had enough of them. Learn how herpes travel between cell compartments with Mila Collados Rodriguez, explore viral architecture with Adam Fletcher and join Hollie French to find more about the world of vampire bat rabies.

That looks like a nice double-membraned vesicle…I’ll have that!

Dr. Adam Fletcher (Research Fellow: UKRI Future Leadership Fellow)
Viruses are thieves. They break in. They take what they want and they leave (or do they?). Sometimes they make us sick. How? Why? And what on earth can we do about this? Roll up roll up, a story of cellular payback awaits...

"A herpesvirus walks into a cell..."

Hop aboard to travel from inside the nucleus of a cell to outer space with the herpesviruses we all share and that (sometimes) make us very sick.

Track and trace for vampires!

Hollie French (PhD Student)
Vampire bat rabies is a deadly viral disease that threatens human and animal health across Latin America. In Europe and the US, wildlife rabies in foxes or raccoons has been successfully controlled by widespread use of vaccine-laced food baits. However, the bloodthirsty diet of vampires prevents the same approach, complicating control and demanding more strategic prevention efforts. Viral genome sequencing is now routinely used in many epidemics and pandemics to ‘track’ the spread and ‘trace’ the causes of outbreaks. This talk will explore how genomics and mapping can help control bat rabies.

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