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Artificial brains diagnosing drains (and disease!)

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 9.30pm
Alder Bar, Unit 111, J C Albyn Complex, Percy St, Neepsend,
Sheffield S3 8BT
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Scientists have long been working with artificial brains which perform tasks better than us. These robot-like technologies can detect subtle differences that we may miss, making them useful diagnosis tools for all things gory, scary and smelly. We will introduce you to the frontiers of machine learning and its wide-ranging uses. Finally, test your skills against a real-life artificial brain!

+ demonstrations, games and hands-on activities for you to enjoy and prizes to be won!

Automatic Tuberculosis and COVID-19 cough classification

Dr Madhurananda Pahar (Computer Science)
You may think that coughs are merely an annoying side effect of disease. However, they could hold the key to new, rapid diagnosis technologies. This talk will introduce you to some state-of-the-art processes for diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) from COVID-19. This issue is important in the many countries where TB affects 10,000s each year, and where a large number of unlucky people suffered from both TB and COVID-19 during the pandemic. During this talk, you will get the chance to test your listening skills against a special machine learning tool. The challenge? Diagnose a disease based on just the cough audio of patients.

How machine learning is transforming cancer detection

Dr John Charlton (Computer Science)
Step into the world of cutting-edge cancer detection with a talk on computational pathology! Discover how advanced technology, like weakly supervised learning, is revolutionising the way we diagnose and treat cancer. Learn how computers are trained to spot cancerous cells in tissue samples, offering new techniques for early detection and effective treatments. Prepare to be amazed by the rapid developments of this exciting field!

We need robots in our sewers

Dr Art Gower (Mechanical Engineering)
Maintaining the UK sewer system is a huge issue. Every time we suspect there is a leak we need to dig up our roads, causing traffic jams and air pollution from dust. Not to mention that it is difficult to convince people to go down there to inspect the sewers. To make matters worse, much of our sewers are ancient and falling apart. How do we now maintain this ancient labyrinth? A team, led by the University of Sheffield, have the answer: we will develop a swarm of small robots to swim through our sewers and detect cracks and blocks. In this talk, Art will show you how we train our robots to detect blocked sewers using sound.
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