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Step-free access. No food available at the venue.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm-9.30pm
Shop Front Theatre, 38 City Arcade, Coventry,
Coventry & Warwickshire CV1 3HW
Some people don’t like change – others embrace it. Here are three scientists working at the forefront of change. What if we could change the way we produce green energy by using the smallest structures known to man? What if we change the materials we use in batteries and make them work more efficiently? What if we take the human driver out of a car – will society manage in an automated world? So many questions – just one evening in the pub!

The future of batteries: 2D or not 2D?

Dr Melanie Loveridge (WMG, University of Warwick)
Melanie’s talk focuses on 2D materials; exploring how they could revolutionise the performance of lithium ion batteries. With the growing energy demands of electrified transport, batteries need to last longer to be able to cover reasonable distances without stopping to be charged. Through advancing the battery materials we can make their electrodes last longer by incorporating 2D materials. Graphene is one such example of an exciting new 2D material and has demonstrated several benefits inside batteries. Will it revolutionise energy storage? Come and find out!

The winding path to the driverless future

Arun Ulahannan (WMG, University of Warwick)
Driverless cars are going to revolutionise vehicles and personal transport and today researchers around the world are working to turn this concept into a reality. However, we still have so much to learn about the human “driver” who now will have little to do, the societal impact, policy, insurance, jobs… the list continues. Arun is aiming to answer some of these questions in his design research on trust and ensure a future where automation and society can work together. Join us for a spirited discussion about our driverless future!

Nano-technology: A solution for green energy?

Dr Andrij Vasylenko (Department of Physics, University of Warwick)
Developments in nanotechnology are opening up huge opportunities for us. We’re looking at a not too distant future where nanorobotics and nanomedicine could well be possible. Andrij’s research focuses on one aspect of these developments, exploring truly one-dimensional objects, the smallest possible nanowires. His talk will cover the dramatic changes of structure that any known material undergoes due to quantum confinement and how these transformations may change the future of green energy technology.

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38 City Arcade, Coventry, Coventry & Warwickshire, CV1 3HW, United Kingdom 38 City Arcade, Coventry, Coventry & Warwickshire, CV1 3HW, United Kingdom
20 May
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Daydream believer

Mind 13 Dot to Dot
38 City Arcade, Coventry, Coventry & Warwickshire, CV1 3HW, United Kingdom 38 City Arcade, Coventry, Coventry & Warwickshire, CV1 3HW, United Kingdom
21 May
Coventry & Warwickshire

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