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Circus For The Senses

Fully accessible
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors Open: 6.30pm
Start: 7pm
End: 9.30pm
Hallamshire House, 49-51 Commonside,
Sheffield S10 1GF
Sold Out!
Treat yourself to a night out and come and learn something new! Tonight's speakers will indulge your senses in a fairground atmosphere with sweet treats. You'll also be treated to some live music to compliment the night. Want to shake-up your cocktail making skills while learning some science? Then join us at our Mixology Laboratory for some free cocktail samplers and to watch our Mixology Scientists demonstrate how to prepare some classic cocktails - all while learning about the physics, chemistry and biology behind your favourite drinks! This venue serves pies and bar snacks, and is fully ac...

The physics of electronic keyboards

Dr Ed Daw (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
There are now many and varied electronic and electromechanical keyboard instruments. How do they work? What do they sound like? From Hammond organs and Rhodes pianos to synthesizers and samplers, these instruments have altered the soundscape for keyboard players and opened up new possibilities for creativity. I will talk about this subject from a Physics perspective, but I also play, and will bring my instruments to demonstrate.

Molecules through the looking glass

Prof Jim Thomas (Department of Chemistry)
Mother nature is not ambidextrous. In fact, life is highly selective as to which molecular building blocks it uses to construct cells, tissue and organisms. They can be left or right handed, but never both. This has surprising effects, don't take my word for it, come to this talk and take a Taste Test to find out how you can distinguish molecules as they go through the looking glass.

Sweets & Treats - the chemistry of circus & fairground food

Dr Joanna Buckley (Department of Chemistry)
Thanks to British Sergeant Major Philip Astley, his deftness at riding horses and his bright idea to create a circular stadium, he turned his riding arena into a performance space for equestrian acts and the modern circus was born! 2018 marks the 250th anniversary of Astley’s trick-riding and visiting the circus continues to be a feast for the senses. The sights and sounds wouldn’t be the same without the smells (and tastes!) of foods synonymous with this art-form. Explore the chemistry behind famous circus & fairground foods with chances to sample some sweet treats made in front of your eyes.