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Climate of the Past, Technology of the Future

Past event - 2015
18 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm-10pm
Waxy O'Connors, 44 West George Street,
Glasgow G2 1DH
From the ice age to the future of quantum imaging, the puzzling features of modern physics and geological records challenge what we thought we knew about the world.

Does God Play Dice?

Professor Miles Padgett
Quantum entanglement provides a "spooky" link between the properties of distant objects. One of the most striking examples of entanglement is an image obtained from light that has never interacted with the object being photographed. About the role played by random chance in quantum entanglement, Einstein once wrote that "God does not play dice with nature". It seems as if God does indeed play dice, & that this cosmic gambling enables both secure communication new opportunities in remote imaging.

A Geological Tour of Climate Change

Dr James Rae
Climate and CO2 have always changed, so why is current climate change any different? Could it all be part of a natural cycle? And how can we tell what climate and CO2 did 100 or even 100 million years ago? We’ll dig in to the geological record to look for answers to these pressing modern problems, and see how CO2 behaved over ice ages and mass extinctions, and fact-check common climatic misconceptions against the latest science.