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Creative Reactions - Where Science Meets Art

Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Alchemy Experiment, 157 Byres Road,
Glasgow G12 8TS
Sold Out!
This exhibition will allow attendees to come along and to see what can happen when Glasgow's incredibly talented artistic and scientific communities come together! In addition to experiencing the amazing art on display this year, you will also have an opportunity to meet the people behind the works (and be inspired!)

Please reserve a free ticket however, we also welcome walk-ins on the night too.

Organization of Human Brain Mapping

Dr Michele Svanera (Scientist)
Heather Roberts (Artist)
Look at the brain from a different perspective

The Intersection Between Photography, Science and Philosophy

Imogen Locke (Artist)
Sofia Sandalli (Scientist)
How deconstructing anthropocentric thought can broaden our understanding of the subjectivity of experience between different life forms

Chemistry of Seasonal Depression and It's Relationship to Nature

Claire Mackenzie (Artist)
Dr Stephanie Morand (Scientist)
Understanding the science underlining mental health is crucial but is often not communicated effectively, Through art, this can be improved.

Art Through The Lens of Science

Dr Donal Wall (Scientist)
Tom Gibson (Artist)
Playing with visible and non-visible light, as well as X-rays and ultrasound, this is the perfect marriage of physics and art.

Material Entanglement

Dr Thorsten Balke (Scientist)
Freya Alexander (Artist)
Textiles, sculpture, and sound are used to create a site specific installation grounded in research and material experimentation.

Trust the Process for Science and Art

Amber Jones (Artist)
Dr Suzie Humphrey (Scientist)
Utilisation of different scientific methodologies to create art.
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