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Dear Green place

Past event - 2017
15 May 19:30
The Stage door at the Griffin, 266 Bath Street,
Glasgow G2 4JP
Sold Out!
Ever wondered why Glasgow continues to be one of the most unequal cities in Europe and what we could do to change it? Well, we're delighted to bring you some interesting and inspiring folk working in the fields of health, social science and social justice who'll share their research and experiences to help us better understand why Glasgow is unique and what we can do, individually or collectively, to make Glasgow an even dearer place to live.

A theory of everything: social connections, simulations, and population health

Dr. Mark McCann (Research Fellow)
Is there one thing that creates a sick or healthy society? The number of infections? Genetics perhaps? The choices people make? Providing good health care? Or is it how all these connect? The clues may lie not in what makes a person sick, but what happens across an entire population. Join Mark to explore how connections between individuals, families, friends, society and the environment can impact the health of an entire population; and hear what scientists can learn from computer games like SIMs.

‘Spare any change?’: the practices and politics of begging

Professor Sarah Johnsen (Professorial Fellow)
Begging has become more visible on the streets of many UK cities in recent years. Some policy responses, such as ‘moving on’ or arresting people who beg, have been highly controversial. This presentation will review what research tells us about who begs, how they beg, and why. It will also consider what we know about the impacts of ‘hard’ responses (such as arrests), and why it is that opinions on the justifiability (or otherwise) of such approaches are often highly polarised.


Selina Hales (Founder of Refuweege)
The role of the community in welcoming forcibly displaced people – How Refuweegee came to be, what we do, what we’ve learned and what we’d like to do next.

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