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Diagnosing neurogeneration: a real brain teaser!

This venue has step-free access and the accessible toilets are reached using a lift.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10:00pm
BAB NQ, 14 Little Lever St,
Manchester M1 1HR
With very few treatments available, you might think treating neurodegeneration is hard enough, but first we need to diagnose it. Tonight you can learn about a novel (and nosey!) way of diagnosing Parkinson's disease, and how different cultures can influence the diagnosis of dementia. Join us for an exciting night of talks from local researchers, games, prizes and pints!

Diagnosing the Scent of Parkinson’s with Mass Spectrometry and Joy

Professor Monty Silverdale (Professor of Neurology, The University of Manchester)
Joy Milne, a ‘super-smeller’ from Edinburgh, noticed an unusual musky smell on her husband Les, 12 years before he developed Parkinson’s disease (PD). This chance finding suggested that skin chemicals may be altered in PD. We performed a large study analysing skin swabs of Parkinson’s disease and control participants across the UK. Our results demonstrate altered skin chemicals in PD which we hope will enable us to develop a simple skin swab test for PD. I will tell the amazing story of Joy and how her nose may lead to improved treatments in PD.

Are kangaroos actually giraffes? The influence of culture on dementia testing

Nadine Mirza (PhD Student in Mental Health)
The influence of culture on any diagnostic test is significant but it’s more so for dementia tests because of the questions asked. Questions relying, sometimes solely, on a person’s culture. This talk explores flaws in tests used in services to detect dementia which can mean an incorrect diagnosis. From the obvious to the subtle, the ways in which culture affects if we are able to answer questions and how, will be explained. We will question what culture means, differences between cultural understanding and acceptability, and how informed methods can be used to develop more inclusive tests.

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