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Digital Doctors

Please be aware that although the event is on the ground floor, there is one small step at the entrance to the pub with no ramp.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 19:00
Event: 19:30-21:30
The Eldon House, 6 Lower Clifton Hill,
Bristol BS8 1BT
Sold Out!
Digital technology has changed our lives. But how will it change our healthcare system, or even our health? Tonight, we'll have a glimpse into this future, and see what we need to change now to make this future positive for us all. Ian Craddock and Katarzyna Stawarz will take us on this journey, all in the comfort of your local pub.

Is the Future of Health Digital?

Ian Craddock (Professor of Digital Health)
Digital technology has utterly transformed the way we shop, the way we hail a taxi, the way we read a newspaper and the way we interact with our friends. Often we've reaped benefits but we've also seen the cost in our shopping centres, casualisation of labour, the rise of fake news and in daily headlines about the influence of social media. Are we now heading for a similar transformation in the world of healthcare? Professor Ian Craddock leads the area of Digital Health at the University of Bristol and regularly advises companies and policy makers nationally and internationally on this topic.

The Dark Side of Digital Health

Katarzyna Stawarz (Senior Research Associate)
Digital health technologies have a potential to help us change our behaviour, develop healthy habits and become happier. Hundreds of apps have been designed to help us track every aspect of our life in the pursuit of improved health and well-being. And while technology can be incredibly useful, it does have a dark side. From self-tracking devices that discourage physical activity and mental health apps that can make you feel worse to sexist period trackers, many digital health products are based on good intentions. We can do better than this – and in this talk I will show how.