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Dive into the human body - past, present and future!

There are a couple of steps to access this venue. This is a child friendly and sober friendly venue.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open 6.30pm
event 7pm to 9pm
Murphy's Distillery & Bar, 8 Regent Rd,
Liverpool L3 7BX
Come and dive into the study of the human body by hearing about how we can understand ancient lifestyles from human remains, how light interacts with us and how digital data can be used to predict our health.  

Life & Death in (very) Ancient Egypt: A Western Desert Case Study

Professor Joel Irish (Professor of Bioarchaeology)
Over 2000 years before the pyramids of Giza, the ancestors of their builders reached a cultural peak in the Final Neolithic period. Against a backdrop of complex architecture, megalithic alignments, and sophisticated calendar circles, human remains dating 4600-3600 BC from Gebel Ramlah, in Egypt's Western Desert, suggest the inhabitants of this formerly lush region enjoyed appreciable wealth and egalitarianism; this is based on elaborate offerings in burials of both sexes and all ages. Allied with this seemingly idyllic setting is evidence for excellent health and long life, suggesting the populace lived in an extremely favorable place and time.

Digital twins: the AI revolution in healthcare is here!

Dr Ivan Olier-Caparroso (Reader in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)
Dr Sandra Ortega-Martorell (Reader in Data Science)
Professor Gregory Lip (Price-Evans Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine)
In today’s healthcare landscape, personalisation of care is critical for achieving optimal outcomes for patients. Imagine a scenario where a patient’s digital twin (i.e. a digital model or replica of a patient), continuously updated with real-time health data, helps healthcare providers anticipate potential complications specific to that patient. By harnessing AI and digital twin technologies to personalise patient care, we're ushering in a new era of precision medicine, where treatment decisions are guided by comprehensive data insights tailored to each patient, revolutionising care and offering hope for better outcomes worldwide.

Light and us

Dr Francesca Giuntini (Reader in Photoactive Therapeutics)
Could you imagine life without light? From plant photosynthesis to the process of vision in animals, the presence of light has shaped the evolution of living creatures. Without light, life as we know it would not exist. From our early days, our fascination for light drove us to explore the interplay between light and life. We discovered that light could cure diseases a long time ago, when our ancestors in Ancient Egypt started using plant extracts and exposure to sunlight to treat skin disorders. We will take very big leaps through history to explore how from those early discoveries we arrived at our current knowledge on the use of light to treat cancer, infectious diseases and depression.
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