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Our Society and Our Environment

This event will take place upstairs, and is accessible with stairs only.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
Webster Bar and Bistro, 416 Great Western Rd, Glasgow ,
Glasgow G4 9HZ
The world around us is constantly changing, from man-made issues to natural disasters to diseases. The speakers will discuss various ways society is attempting to respond. By supporting nature, animals, and other people, we talk about ways to get involved and society’s role in climate change.

Climate and Crisis in the 1970s

What impact do societal issues have on the climate crisis narrative?

Life's a beach: stranded whales and humans

40% of the human population – more than three billion people – now live on the coast, putting considerable environmental pressure on these areas. Such pressure is also reflected on coastal regulations which require remains of stranded whale and dolphin carcasses to be quickly disposed of to avoid tourists and citizens’ malcontent. However, in doing so, humans are inadvertently undermining those environmental and societal benefits that we could gain from whale strandings. In this talk, learn about the past, present and future ecosystem services associated with stranded whales.

How can we Eliminate Rabies?

Kathryn Campbell (Research Assistant)
Come along to explore how detailed surveillance of the environment can help us eliminate rabies worldwide!

How can citizen science benefit both citizens and science?

Involving citizens in research not only helps scientists, but also has incredible benefits for Our Society. Here, I present an example of citizen science involving fishermen in the Baltic Sea that has led to unprecedented insights into fish biology and conservation in this region.

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