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Express Yourself

Please note: Events will be held on the ground floor and are 18years+. Step free access is also available - please ask a steward for assistance.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors open: 7pm
Event runs from: 7:30pm until 9:30pm
The Barley Mow, 39 Castle Road,
Portsmouth PO5 3DE
Sold Out!

The Evolutionary Origins of Language: How and Why?

Communication is ubiquitous among animals. Many are familiar with the alarming bark of a dog, the friendly meow of a beloved cat, and the seemingly relentless calls of herring gulls. However, despite communication being widespread throughout nature, only one known species has language; us! As such, a central question among those interested in human evolution, is how did we come to acquire language, and why? This talk will cover some of the key ideas and findings from the field of psychology that bring us closer to answering these perennial questions.

Fight or Flight: why anxiety isn't always what it seems?

What happens to the body when a person is experiencing stress or fear? This presentation sets out to explain the way in which our bodies might emit signs of discomfort or anxiety. It will give an overview of the nervous systems, the fight or flight response and, in particular, how we might (or might not) be able to identify deception through observation of visible physiological reactions to stressors. Steps from those with ill intent to cover up signs of stress and the reasons for this will also be discussed.

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