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From Ear to Beer!

Wheelchair access is available via a separate entrance.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 6pm
Event 7pm - 9pm
Dram!, 232 Woodlands Road,
Glasgow G3 6ND
Sold Out!
You'll be smiling from ear to beer at tonight's talks! Hear how we can take inspiration from animal and insect ears to design the next generation of microphones. Find out how high frequency sound and vibration can help us to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilisations... etc...

Mars Ho!: Exploration of the Red Planet, and what Ultrasonics can do for you

David Firstbrook (Research Assistant (Systems Power and Energy))
Mankind has continually sought to explore and settle in unknown lands, be it for fertile soil, valuable minerals, scientific advancement, or religious freedom. With most of Earth colonised, we now turn our attention to our planetary neighbour: Mars. This talk will cover the first steps that we have taken to explore the planet, where we will likely go in the future, and how vibration impacts each process along the way.

Bioinspiration: From Simple Ears to Simple Microphones

Elizabeth Klenschi (Doctoral Researcher)
Jeremy S. Gibson (Research Associate)
Biological systems provide an incredible wealth of innovation as a result of evolutionary processes over multiple generations. Hearing organs are a good example of how similar sensory problems are solved in different, independent ways. Reverse engineering hearing systems best involves a multidisciplinary approach with scientists from fields such as: biology, electrical engineering, material sciences, and physics to name a few. Using our varied approaches, we characterize hearing systems from which novel microphones can be developed and deployed in consumer electronics.

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