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Genetics, DNA & Big Data Finding the Answers

This event takes place in an accessible venue with step free access.
Past event - 2016
23 May 7pm - 10pm
Cafe Bar Marzano, The Forum,
Norwich NR2 1TF
Cancer touches all of us directly or indirectly and many of us worry. Perhaps our fears can be allayed if we knew more about how cancer researchers across the world, and in Norwich, are learning how to turn cancer into “a disease we die with, rather than a disease we die of”. Dr Dan Brewer and Prof. Colin Cooper explain how their work, looking at the cancer genome (its DNA), is helping us take massive strides in developing better treatments. Darrell Green, a PhD student, will describe the project he is working on.

Tigers vs pussy cats: developing a biomarker for early diagnosis of prostate cancer

Professor Colin Cooper (Professor of Cancer Genetics, Norwich Medical School)
Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men in the UK. Prof. Colin Cooper is leading the research internationally in developing early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in his laborotary at the The Bob Champion Research & Education Building building in Norwich. His introduction to research here in Norwich was through funding by the Big C. His talk will look at the tigers and pussycats of tumours and how these are giving us insights into diagnosis.

The role of data analysis of big genomics data in the fight against cancer

Dr Daniel Brewer (Senior Bioinformatics Officer, Norwich Medical School)
Big data are two words which are frequently used nowadays in all aspects of our lives. However, its role in developing treatments and fighting cancer isn't largely known. Daniel, who is based at the The Bob Champion Research & Education Building in Norwich, does exactly that and his talk will give you an insight into this side of cancer.

The loud noise of RNA silencing: an internal cancer defence system

Dr Darrell Green (Researcher of Molecular Biology at The University of East Anglia )
DNA and RNA are the genetic material carrying the instructions used in our development, functioning and reproduction. RNA plays a vital role in controlling when and where particular genes are expressed. Darrell, Big C funded PhD student, will discuss a cellular mechanism whereby RNA can protect against potentially dangerous changes in DNA. He will debate whether we need to look wider that just DNA in order to be more successful at cancer treatment.
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