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Geospatial Insights - Unveiling Urban Diversity

This event takes place in the basement. There is an elevator for accessibility and bathrooms on the same level as the event space. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
August House, 43 Mitchell Street,
Glasgow G1 3LN
Delve into the intricate fusion of geography, technology, and data analysis that powers modern cartography. Explore how geospatial data shapes our understanding of the world, from urban planning to environmental conservation.

Using AI to find Roman Roads

Dr Ian Turton (Research Software Engineer, University of Glasgow)
Looking at the application of AI to discover the location of Roman roads in the Scottish Borders, the talk will start with a brief explanation of LiDAR data and then show how it can be applied to the discovery of previously unknown Roman roads.

(Geo)location, location, location - how good is AI at understanding spatial information?

Joe Shingleton (Research Software Engineer, University of Glasgow)
User-generated, online data is rich with insights into our world. Interpreting the spatial information tying this data to real-world locations is a key challenge. Modern advancements in AI and machine learning might provide a promising solution – but we first need to establish just how well these models really understand spatial information. To answer this, we will explore the ambiguities and complexities of geospatial language, and the limitations of modern AI models.

"Stubborn" Minorities in Cities

Dr Guy Solomon (Research Associate, University of Glasgow)
It is often assumed that the “majority rules”, but is this actually the case? In many instances, the way a system works is determined by a small, inflexible group (sometimes called a “stubborn minority”) who—for various reasons—may not (or, perhaps, cannot) adapt. This talk outlines what is meant by this term, considers examples of “stubborn minorities” in cities, and discusses why this matters for everyone.
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