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How m(AI) help you?

The Lending room, unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, and subsequently does not have an accessible toilet, there is an accessible toilet for all in the main pub.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7-9 pm
The Lending Room , 229 Woodhouse Ln,
Leeds LS2 3AP
Can a computer capture the essence of being human? With the rapid advances in technology its hard not to think the machines are taking over – but is AI simply redefining our understanding of knowledge? Join us for an evening with psychologists who will explore the impacts of AI and how it may alter our very perception of ourselves. Plus, see if you can beat a robot!

14+ event, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Redefining Knowledge: The Psychological Impact of AI on Academic Honesty

James Duah (PhD student )
In an era where AI has stormed into our lives with the unpredictability of a whirlwind, this talk specifically delves into the profound psychological impacts of AI enabled cheating in university settings.
As we grapple with crumbling notions of academic integrity and the essence of authorship, we must ask: has AI fundamentally redefined our understanding of knowledge itself? This talk explores the delicate balance between human essence and the relentless march of AI, probing the moral quandaries that arise when the line between human and machine becomes increasingly blurred.

AI take the wheel: Human-Vehicle Interaction in the Intelligent Age

Weina Qu (Associate Professor in Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences )
Self-driving cars are changing the way we get around and make for an exciting, ‘futuristic’ experience. Are we removing human decision making on the road and how does this affect our safety? What happens when drivers become distracted interacting with in-vehicle screens, and how safe is it to take over a vehicle that is self-driven? You’ll hear Prof. Qu’s take on the use of AI in this setting.

Emotions under surveillance

Dr Nicola Thomas (Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sheffield)
Explore the implications of AI emotional surveillance in the workplace with Dr. Nicola Thomas, Lecturer in Work Psychology. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks as employers deploy AI in an attempt to track and predict burnout, depression and poor mental health at work. How will having our emotions surveilled change the fabric of our lives and our self-perception? Hear real-life examples from businesses like Kintsugi and Canon China, and join a lively debate on privacy vs mental health.
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