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Hypnosis & Delirium

The event takes place on the lower deck, sorry there is no step-free access or accessible facilities.
Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane,
London SW11 8PZ
Sold Out!
Gear up for a thrilling night! Dive into the mystical with eerie hospital tales, see how VR combats student stress, and explore mental health through Chinese calligraphy. A fusion of mystery, technology, and ancient wisdom awaits. Exciting, enlightening, and a bit spooky—join us for an unforgettable experience!

Virtual Reality (VR) and Student Wellbeing

Aileen O'Brien (Reader in Psychiatry and Education and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist)
Can VR help student stress? There is a crisis in student wellbeing; Universities are looking for solutions. George’s students cocreated a VR hypnotherapy experience which, after a successful pilot, has been evaluated in a controlled trial of 100 students over five days. Half of the students received the VR experience, half the same content on their phones. Scales of wellbeing and qualitative responses were compared and I will be sharing the results.

Hallucinations, Delirium and Ghosts at the End of Life

Rachel Cummings (PhD Student in Health Sociology & Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice)
Stories have always circulated around death and dying. These days, when many people die in clinical spaces, these stories circulate in medical worlds. But what happens when they don’t fit with medical viewpoints? How should healthcare professionals respond to reports of ghosts, bright lights or meaningful coincidences at the moment of death? And what happens when it’s the staff that tell them? Drawing on research in a UK hospice, I’ll be exploring the unusual experiences people report around dying and what the responses of health workers can tell us about care, knowledge and meaning at the end of life.

Science and Art of Chinese Calligraphy & Health Research

Rosita Lin (PhD Student)
Through the lens of artistic calligraphy, Rosita Lin explores how Chinese characters serve as a reflection of the world around us. In her work, she delves into the traditional form of writing to uncover how it can offer profound insights into modern mental health diseases and our perception of them, inspired by her PhD research in mental health of migrant workers in Vietnam. By deciphering the intricate strokes and meanings behind each character, Rosita demonstrates how this ancient art form can provide a unique perspective on the complexities of mental health in contemporary society.
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