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Identity & identification: Crossing the great divides

Past event - 2017
16 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-8.30pm.
Monkey Barrel, 9 Blair St,
Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Sold Out!
What makes you you, and not, well, someone else? Is it your DNA? Physical features? Memories? The question of identity might seem simple at first glance, but this multifaceted aspect of our being is deceptively complex. With renowned forensic anthropologist Professor Dame Sue Black and lecturer Dr Steve Kirkwood, we'll plumb the depths of our identities, what they mean to us and others, and how they affect how we’re considered during (and after) our lives. Plus roll up your sleeves and try your hand at anatomy body art, with prizes to be won! Not accessible for those with impaired mobility.

Who are you?

Sue Black will examine how we can determine who you are and if who you say you are, is who you have always been. The importance of establishing physical identity in the world of forensic science plays a fascinating and significant role in our criminal justice system.

Refugees and identity

Identity is core to the notion of refugees. For someone to be defined as a refugee requires a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons relating to their identity or political opinions. But the category ‘refugee’ is often confused (deliberately or otherwise) with other categories like asylum seekers, ‘economic migrants’ and ‘illegal migrants’. I'll explore how identity comes through in refugees' accounts of their experiences, in the public perception of refugees, in political debates and on social media. I'll aim to show identity is a core, yet contested, concept when it comes to refugees.