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Innovations: Pushing Limits and Bettering Our Lives

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
The Roebuck, 50 Great Dover St,
London SE1 4YG
Scientists and doctors are developing tools to solve problems every day. What are the tactics to combat cancer cells? What happens when an adult-sized organ does not fit into a toddler that is in need of a transplant? Tonight, Dr. Reem Ahmad and Dr. Pankaj Chandak will shed some light on the new technologies they have been working on that push the boundaries in science and medicine. There will be games and special Pint of Science goodies to be won! Grab a pint and joy us for a night of cutting-edge innovations. (Image credit: U.S. Army Illustration)


Nanoparticles in Radiotherapy

Dr Reem Ahmad (Research Associate at UCL)
Our group has looked at using nanoparticles, combined with radiotherapy, to treat cancer. We work with different nanoparticle types and have exposed different cancer cells to them, before treating the cells with radiation. We found that by adding nanoparticles before the radiation treatment, more cancer cells were killed during the treatment, however there is still a lot of work to be done before this can be used in the clinic. This is a very interesting field, as it relies on lots of different scientists to work together, ranging from physicists to biologists and medical doctors.

Transplanting the Untransplantable!?

Dr Pankaj Chandak (Specialist Registrar and Research Fellow Guy's and Great Ormond Street Hospital and KCL)
As every year passes, we hear of new technology developed for gaming, electronics, and many more to improve our quality of life. However, many people are unaware of new innovations in medicine. One key attribute of successful organ transplantation is the expertise of surgeons involved, but can technology assist us? This talk will detail some innovations that may help to overcome some of the challenges in organ transplantation with the help of robots, machines and 3D printing!

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50 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YG, United Kingdom 50 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YG, United Kingdom
50 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YG, United Kingdom 50 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YG, United Kingdom