Past event - 2017
16 May Doors 7PM; Event 7:30-9:30PM
The Bath Brew House 14 James Street West,
Bath BA1 2BX
Sold Out!
What's out there in the sky above us? Let's journey through the stars and across the Universe.....and then beyond! The function room is on the 1st floor; we apologise there is no wheel-chair access.

Everything Changes: Variable Stars, as told through the music of Take That

The music of Take That make you feel starry-eyed? Come tap your feet and listen to Victoria talk about one of the most fascinating stars in our Universe -- variable stars! Changing in brightness on timescales of minutes, to hours, to days, variable stars are used to unravel mysteries of the cosmos such as what the Universe is made of and how it has evolved since the Big Bang. Using the back catalogue of Take That as a guide,Victoria will tell us how variable stars are used to map out our nearest galaxies to the furthest reaches of the Universe!

Extragalactic astronomy

How much do you know about black holes? Come and listen to Carole talk about the different flavours of black holes and the impact they have on our environments. You will have the opportunity to quiz her on the most recent research into extragalactic astronomy!

Looking Back: The lives of galaxies

Ah, nostalgia. Was everything really better in the past? It may be a cynical view on life for humans, but for galaxies there are good arguments to make that the Universe at present is dull and boring, and that the glory days of these immense star factories lie in their past. Luckily, nature allows us to look back in time and observe directly the days of their vigorous youth. Join Stijn to discuss new insights on galaxies in the early Universe, and how we are using the world's most powerful telescopes to reveal their secrets.