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Lay It All on the Table

Small step may not be suitable for electric wheelchairs
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7:00pm - 9:00 pm
FortyFive Vinyl Café, 29 Micklegate,
York YO1 6JH
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You are what you eat and food policies just don't cut the mustard! Join us for an enlightening evening delving into food security, climate change, and infant nutrition. Don’t miss the chance to shape a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Food insecurity during Covid-19: Experiences from Leeds and Fresno

Kelli Kennedy (Research Associate)
This talk discusses how political, policy, programme, and societal environments can influence food security status. These environments interact with each other, facilitating or impeding one’s ability to be food secure, with Covid-19 demonstrating how rapidly landscapes can shift. This talk discusses people's experiences of food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic in Fresno, California and Leeds England, sharing stories from the pandemic and highlighting the themes from both locations.

The role of meat and livestock reduction in tackling the food system’s impact on climate change.

Beckie Lait (PhD Student)
I will give an overview of the climate crisis and delve into the food system’s specific contributions to it, both in the past, present but also as we look to the future. Given the fact that the meat and livestock system is a significant cause of many of the issues associated with this, the effectiveness of meat and livestock reduction strategies in alleviating them will be discussed. Given my PhD research investigating the power dynamics in this area, I will also be explaining the role and responsibilities of individuals in this as well as the role of other stakeholders who are often considered to be more powerful.

Grains for Change: Building a Sustainable Food Future in Yorkshire

Ulrike Ehgartner (Research Associate)
This presentation explores the critical role of grains in Yorkshire's food system and the environmental, economic, and social challenges posed by conventional agricultural practices. Through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, the Yorkshire Grain Alliance is fostering resilience, biodiversity, and community empowerment. The presentation will explore the potential for positive change and resilience in Yorkshire's food landscape and beyond, exploring the significance of diversifying grain crops, and embracing agroecological methods for a more sustainable and locally-driven approach to food production and consumption.

Feeding Futures: Unleashing the Power of Nutrition for UK Infants from Womb to Weaning

Sarah Veale (PhD Student)
Sarah delves into the critical role of nutrition in shaping the health and development of infants in the UK. Beginning with the prenatal period, Sarah explores how maternal dietary choices influence fetal development and lays the foundation for future health outcomes. She then transitions to discuss the significance of breastfeeding and early feeding practices, emphasizing the importance of optimal nutrition during the early stages of life. Throughout her presentation, Sarah highlights the potential impact of dietary interventions and policies in promoting the well-being of mother-baby dyads. By unpacking the complexities of nutrition from womb to weaning, Sarah offers valuable insights into nurturing healthier futures for infants in the UK.
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