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Lets get physics-al!

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 9.30pm
Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Station,
Sheffield S1 2BP
The human body isn't rocket science, but sometimes a physicist can be just as useful as a physician! Join us for a night of body physics fun, where we will talk to Tom about sending your grandparents to space, Christine will teach us how to fix a broken back and Sam, Kate and Alan will tell us about how to use friction to rub your body up the right way ;-)

+ demonstrations, games and hands-on activities for you to enjoy and prizes to be won!

Gels and Cells for back pain

Professor Christine Le Maitre (Researcher, clinical medicine)
Back pain is the biggest cause of disability worldwide and in about 40% of all cases this is caused by disease of the movable structures in your spine known as spinal discs. Our research has developed an injectable gel which can be injected into the centre of these structures and induces repair. In this talk we will discuss the causes of back pain, and how we can try and fix the spinal disc.

Rubbing people up the wrong way – how friction affects us all

Dr Alan Martin (PDRA, Mechanical Engineering)
Dr Kate Tomlinson (Researcher, mechanical engineering)
Dr Sam Davison (PDRA, Mechanical Engineering)
Friction is all around us. Sometimes we want higher friction when we don’t want things to slide, like hands on rocks when climbing. In other instances we want things to slide easily, such as preventing skin rashes from incontinence pads. When humans interact with their surroundings, levels of friction with the skin must be carefully considered to care for our skin and prevent injury, or in other words - rubbing people up the right way. We will explore all things friction and look at how our research can benefit people.

Grandparents in Space: Is that Really Wise?

Dr Tom Newman (Researcher, cardiology)
Until recently only the fittest of the fit went to space. Commercial space travel however, means enough money can make the trip possible but having money doesn’t mean you’re healthy! It’s not ethical to put people in a centrifuge until they have a heart attack but we may have the solution. We’ll explain how computer models can explore what puts people at risk and how we can advise patients and companies about safety to travel.
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