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Make your mind up!

There are a couple of steps to access this venue. This is a child friendly and sober friendly venue.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 6.30pm
event 7pm to 9pm
Murphy's Distillery & Bar, 8 Regent Rd,
Liverpool L3 7BX
Come along and hear about how bugs, drugs and magic alter our minds and perceptions about health, psychology and entertainment. 

In the break you will be entranced by LJMU's famous Dr Matteo Borrini, forensic anthropologist, Member of the Magic Circle, President of the Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle. 

What is it like to be prescribed an illegal drug? The experiences of UK Cannabis patients.

Dr Helen Beckett Wilson (Senior Lecturer in Criminology)
Dr Lindsey Metcalf McGrath (Senior Lecturer in Criminology)
Cannabis is a class B controlled substance under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs (MoD) Act, but a 2018 change to UK regulations allowed consultants to prescribe it for medical purposes. Despite the law change, relatively few people have been able to access a prescription. In our research, we talked to those who have been prescribed the drug. We found that patients experience significant benefits from cannabis, but suffer harms through current cannabis prescribing policy, both from stigma around the drug, and the fact that the NHS rarely prescribes, which creates health inequalities. We publicise these stories to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote policy change.

Bugs, Bellies, and Brain

Dr Mosharraf Sarker (Senior Lecturer in Bioscience)
“Bugs, Bellies, and Brain" explores the fascinating interplay between microorganisms (bugs), our digestive systems (bellies), and the intricate workings of the brain. This research explores into the connections and impacts these three elements have on our overall health and well-being. From the tiny bugs that inhabit our bodies to the digestive processes in our bellies, this study sheds light on how these factors influence the functioning of our brains. Understanding this complex relationship may pave the way for new insights into maintaining a healthy balance for optimal physical and mental wellness.
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