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Microbe Mayhem

Please note this event takes place in the basement part of the venue which has no step-free access. Over 18s only
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
Bootlegger, 162-163 Fore Street,
Exeter EX4 3AT
Sold Out!
Zoom in on a thrilling journey through the microscopic world as we unravel the mysteries of viruses and fungi. From exploring the latest insights into the long-term effects of COVID-19 to understanding the potential role of phages in therapy and the threat of fungal pathogens, this event promises a captivating dive into the realm of microbes.

Long Covid: The sting in the pandemics tail

David Strain (Associate Professor in Cardiometabolic Health, Honorary Consultant at the Royal Devon University Healthcare Trust and Chair of the British Medical Association’s Board of Science)
Whilst the pandemic is over for most of us, over a million people in the UK are living under the shadow of Long COVID. Previously fit and healthy people have been left with brain fog, fatigue, and breathlessness affecting their daily lives. This condition persists for months to years after initial infection and can impact any part of the body. We will talk about what we know about the underlying causes, where the research is heading here in Exeter and around the world, and how we can help people living with Long Covid today.

Phage Therapy – Fighting pathogens with predators

Dibyendu Dutta (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter)
A century ago, diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria were among the biggest killers, but today antibiotics provide us with much longer and healthier lives. But now there is a real risk of us going back to those dark times, as more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics. To avoid such a future, researchers like me are trying to use bacteriophage, which are viruses that specifically target and kill bacteria, as a weapon against harmful bacteria. In this talk, I will walk you through the surprising historical origins of phage therapy, its recent successes, failures, and challenges.

From Bug to Drug: New ways to treat fungal infections.

Beth McCann (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Will the Last of Us happen? Although Cordyceps is not a risk to humans, there are many more fungi that do pose a significant threat to human health, and they are becoming increasingly resistant to antifungal drugs currently available. Our lab works on a number of these bugs and we are looking at and for new ways and new drugs to treat the infections they cause.
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