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Mind Psychology: From Politics to Serial Killers

Past event - 2016
23 May 19:00 - 21:30 (Doors open at 18:30)
Canal House 48-52 Canal St,
Nottingham NG1 7EH
Sold Out!
Come along on Monday the 23rd of May to discover what goes on inside the mind of a serial killer, find out how we respond to political bias, and learn how addiction affects the brain - direct from the mouths of our experts! Get involved and test your knowledge in our “killer quiz”.

Negative Campaigning Does It Help Or Does It Hurt?

Michael Fallon accused Ed Miliband of stabbing the UK in the back just as he had done to his own brother. Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a ‘nasty guy, a hypocrite’. These are examples of negative campaigning, a practice parties (or candidates) resort to in an attempt to diminish positive feelings for rival parties and thus become voters’ most preferred party. Practitioners of negative campaigning generally believe it to be an effective campaign tool. However, is this supported by scientific evidence, or could it perhaps backfire?

The Face of Murder

How do we relate to the person who has murdered?  Do we have more compassion for the person who killed as an act of passion vs. the serial killer, indeed what is the difference?  In this lecture we will look at how we categorize the different types of murderer and address research and theory that helps us to understand the varying profiles.

Brains too smart for their bodies: The neurobiology of addiction

Ever found yourself binging episodes of yet another Netflix series? Maybe you, like so many others, fear the worst at the prospect of no morning coffee? If the answer to either of these was yes, you may be tapping in to a crucial yet potentially dangerous part of your primal brain’s workings. Despite millions of years of evolutionary fine tuning, what is arguably our most important survival tool - the brain - can all too easily be fooled into using it's own tricks against us.