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O Green World

Room is up a flight of stairs with no lift access
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm Event 7:30pm to 10pm
Committee Room 9 , 18 John Street,
Glasgow G1 1JQ
Climate change is a fact. Species are rapidly become extinct, how can we change that? Green technology may be the solution. Tonight we’ll discuss why the Arctic is changing so fast as well as the consequence of this dramatic transformation.

Come to have a beer while listening to these fantastic talks!

Shedding Light on the Arctic Ocean

Dr Kathrina Lefering (Research Associate (Physics))
The Arctic is the fastest changing environment on the planet - sea-ice is retreating and getting thinner, while freshwater in-flow and temperatures are increasing. These changes will have a major effect on all life in the Arctic which has adapted to the extreme environmental conditions. At present, it is unknown or poorly understood how the Arctic ecosystem will respond to these changes.The Arctic Ocean is a region of high productivity during spring and summer, when sea ice melts and sunlight can enter the ocean. This causes a spike in growth of microscopic algae through increased photosynthe

Generating Electricity

Dr. Andrea Montecucco (Research Associate (Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering))
Thermoelectric devices can convert heat to electricity and vice versa. Their commercial use in cooling applications (Peltier cells) made them “famous”. However, interest in green technologies to reduce air pollution and climate change is leading the development of thermoelectric power generators for sensors and waste heat recovery.
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