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Our Earth – Past, Present and Future

This event takes place in a venue with step-free access to some of the seating.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors: 7pm
Start: 7.30pm
End: 9.30pm
The Whalebone, 144 Magdalen Rd,
Norwich NR3 4BA
Sold Out!
Join us to learn about how researchers are studying our world through the ages. We will use DNA to explore our dog lover origins, discuss how our earthquake knowledge has developed throughout history and investigate how plants can help us fight iron and B12 deficiencies.

Searching for the first dogs using DNA

Dr Anders Bergström (Lecturer (UEA, School of Biological Sciences))
Dogs are a part of almost every human culture and were the first animal domesticated by humans, way back in the Ice Age. While we know the ancestors of dogs were wild grey wolves, it remains a mystery where dogs originated, and whether this happened just once or several times. I'm trying to answer this question using DNA, including ancient DNA extracted from very old dog and wolf bones. By comparisons against DNA from wolves that lived during the Ice Age, we have been able to show that dogs must come from at least two different ancestral wolf populations. But the scientific search for where exactly these first dogs lived, and where the remarkable human-dog relationship began, continues.

Dragons to Sentinels - Earthquake monitoring through the ages

Conor Rutland (Postgraduate Researcher (PhD))
A brief history on how earthquake monitoring has changed over the past ~2000 years, from early devices used in ancient China all the way to modern day satellite imagery (that’s what I’m working on!). I’ll discuss the gear, the methods, and the pitfalls, and talk about why earthquakes can still be so unpredictable and devastating in the modern day.

Plant Power: grow strong, eat strong

Dr Olla Al-Jaibaji (Postdoctoral Research Scientist)
People who are diagnosed with low iron are normally asked by their GP to consume iron supplements. People who are diagnosed with low B12 status may take B12 supplements or receive regular B12 injections as a treatment. What we are investigating is an alternative to supplements/injections, which is using a dietary app to deliver iron-rich recipes and a hydroponic unit ‘kitchen garden’ to deliver vegetables biofortified with vitamin B12.
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