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Our Warming Earth

This event takes place in a venue with step-free access to some of the seating.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors: 7pm
Start: 7.30pm
End: 9.30pm
The Whalebone, 144 Magdalen Rd,
Norwich NR3 4BA
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How is research in Norwich tackling the questions raised by our warming planet? Join us to view our Earth through the genetics of the polar bear and see what lessons we can learn from the fossils who experienced it all before.

Bear Necessities: How Polar Bears are Adapting to Climate Change

Dr Alice Godden (Senior Research Associate at University of East Anglia)
Embark on an exploration of the Arctic's polar bears and witness the profound impact of climate change on their icy domain. Join us as we unravel the environmental challenges facing these iconic creatures. Discover how polar bears are evolving and adapting to warmer temperatures and shrinking ice caps. Explore the fascinating realm of polar bear genetics and learn about new species emerging as a result. This talk promises an eye-opening journey through the Arctic wilderness and offers insights into the resilience and adaptation of nature in the face of climate change.

What can local fossils and minerals tell us about past warmer worlds?

Matthew Staitis (2nd Year PhD Student)
“It’s been a long time since it’s been this warm” (IPCC AR6 Report). I will discuss the latest science coming out of the recent IPCC report on climate change, through the novel and captivating lens of local fossils and minerals collected from climate reference intervals from the last 66 million years. It might be surprising to know that the east of England records evidence of exotic plants and animals from different points in its geological past which have helped scientists to reconstruct past worlds that were warmer than today.
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