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Perceiving Reality: From Statistics to Addiction

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Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 6:30pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
The Red Lion, 52 High Street,
Egham TW20 9EW
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Tonight we sit down with a drink or two with some of Royal Holloway's researchers, who'll share the science behind how humans perceive the world. Our speakers tonight will discuss how statistics and expectations might shape how the brain works, how experiences like virtual reality create that feeling of really being there, the psychology of drug addiction, and why we sometimes may perceive things that aren't there. 

Are our brains Bayesian?

Matteo Lisi (Lecturer in Psychology)
What can the work of Thomas Bayes, a 18th-century Presbyterian minister, teach us about brain function? In this talk, I'll explore the fascinating link between statistics and human cognition. We'll delve into the world of probabilistic inference and its vital role in decision-making, examine how we can conceptualise the brain as a probabilistic, Bayesian machine, and discuss the evidence supporting this view of cognition.

Immersive experiences

Isabelle Verhulst (PhD student)
Have you ever done an immersive user experience, like virtual reality (VR)? If so, you may have noticed that after a few minutes your brain just ‘forgot’ about the real world around you, and you felt like you were ‘there’, inside the story. That feeling is called ‘a sense of presence’, and I research how it can be created… It’s not easy! It needs a lot of factors to come together, as I will explain with a real-life example from my PhD research.

Crossing the Threshold: Transition from recreational drug use to addiction

Adnan Levent (Postdoctoral Teaching Associate)
Drug addiction does not happen suddenly; sometimes it can take many years to develop. Many people begin using drugs for fun, and at first, it might not seem harmful because they are only using them casually. For some, this casual use can gradually turn into addiction over time, however others may not go down that path. In this talk, I'll explore two psychological theories that aim to explain how casual drug use can eventually lead to addiction.

Beyond the doors of perception: Exploring the unusual realities of the mind

Francesco Scaramozzino (Postdoctoral Teaching Associate)
Do you feel telepathically connected to someone? Have you ever thought to have heightened senses? Then, you, like others, had unusual experiences of the world. Contrary to common belief, these experiences shouldn't be automatically labelled as maladaptive. Instead, we will explore the perspective that they might serve as adaptive representations of reality.
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