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Pint of Science Sheffield Launch Fair

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2018
09 Apr Doors Open: 5.30pm
Start: 6pm
End: 9pm
Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Station,
Sheffield S1 2BP
A selection of talks & an interactive science fair, this special event will give you the chance to meet the researchers and hear about a range of topics. Want to know how beer can be genetically engineered to taste even better?! And how can we use artificial intelligence to combat fake news? Expect tantalising activities, such as understanding the science of gratitude, and how to investigate the quantum nature of light. There will even be some tasty science treats! Attendance is drop in, so pop along anytime - book a ticket for a reminder and we'll let you know when the main tickets go on sale…

Cells and Geometry

Dr Dhanak Gupta (Faculty of Engineering)
Life has evolved over 4.5 billion years but it is unclear how the first cells were formed. The molecular machinery today is complex but still essentially performs the main task of cell survival. New evidence suggests that geometrical shapes acquired by cells in their environment define their fate. Could this be the holy grail of evolution?

The Science of Gratitude

Dr Fuschia Sirois (Department of Psychology)
The latest research demonstrates that being grateful can have benefits beyond simply appearing polite. Come along and find out about the science of gratitude, ways to cultivate a grateful mind-set, and the benefits of noticing and appreciating the positive in life for enhancing health and well-being.

Beer and CRISPR: Genetically engineering better bevvies

Dr Elizabeth Alvey (Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)
Fancy a beer with intense honey notes and no banana? Using DNA sequencing technology we know which yeast genes give beers unique flavours. We can swap around these important flavour genes using CRISPR genome editing technology to develop exciting new beers. Sadly, hangover-free beers are still a distant dream.

Artificial Intelligence Against Misinformation?

Dr Andreas Vlachos (Department of Computer Science)
James Thorne (PhD Student)
Today we are bombarded with information from a variety of sources, some of which are recent such as Facebook, some of them well-established such as newspapers. However some of it is false, and the ease of spreading it has given rise to terms such as fake news. I shall explore how Artificial Intelligence can help us fight misinformation.
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