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Recipe for Disaster

This event takes place upstairs and there is no step-free access. Advanced ticket purchase recommended.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 6.00pm
Event 7pm - 9.00pm
BrewDog, 8 Friar Lane,
Leicester LE1 5RA
Take 5 mass extinctions, add thousands of volcanic eruptions, and several tonnes of fat… these ingredients can have disastrous consequences for people and the planet. How can our understanding of these events help us to prepare for the big ‘what ifs’

Volcanoes in Videogames

Ed McGowan (Postgraduate Researcher)
Taking a virtual dive into popular video game volcanoes. From explosive eruptions to volcanic ash and a soak in a hot spring, comparisons are made between the digital world and the real world.

Fatberg science: all you wanted to know about the fat-monsters in our sewers and how to avoid them

Professor Raffaella Villa (Professor of Environmental Bioengineering)
Oils and grease materials discharged in sewers, like in our blood vessels, can accumulate and produce hard deposits. These deposits (known as “fatbergs”) are responsible for 70% of the sewers’ overflows in the UK, posing risk to public health and the environment. Fatbergs are a growing problem in other parts of the world and global issues such as climate change and urbanisation are only helping to aggravate the problem. Removal and maintenance of fatberg-blocked sewers costs over £18 million a year in London alone. But why and how do they form? And more importantly can we avoid them?

Who really cares about the 6th Mass Extinction?

Chris Stockey (PhD Student)
We’ve entered the 6th mass extinction. F*ck! Panic. How did we get here? What went wrong? How do we stop it?
Stop. Pause. Breathe. Grab the Kleenex and wipe away the tears. Ask yourself - does it really matter? After all won’t you be 6 feet under before things really fall apart?
Taking you through the world of fossils we’ll talk about the causes of these disasters, find out what happens next and consider ultimately, does it matter to the planet if we lose the pandas. “Life finds a way” but how will it be different?

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